Is your brand boring? Ask yourself these 5 questions

It’s the end of the year, a time where most of us are self-reflecting, looking for ways to improve our personal lives and out businesses. If you were wondering what you could do to give your business a revamp, ask yourself the following questions…

Do you post consistently?

Nobody likes being ignored, including customers. You need to be active in keeping your customer’s attention. Posting content on your platforms once in a while, forgetting about it, then coming back with a half-baked “sorry we’ve not been posting, we’ve been busy” is not good enough.Too late. Your audience has moved on to the next brighter, shiner thing that’s been keeping them entertained since you’ve been gone. In certain industries,posting content daily, or even multiple times a day is essential to staying on top. In other industries, weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly blog posts, social media posts or newsletters is more than enough for its intended audience.  Once you find your optimum, the most important thing you can do is keep consistent and make sure you engage with your audience between posts.

There are loads of tools such as MailChimp, Hootsuite and Planoly, that can help you plan and schedule content on your digital platforms. To be honest, you really have no excuse.

Is your content interactive or engaging?

Do you treat your virtual customer the same way you would treat your physical customers?  Are you talking with them, or at them? An engaging brand is one that includes its customers in conversation, listens to feedback and also fully incorporates its customers into the very DNA of the brand.

Social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, have made it super easy for brands to interact with their customers. Twitter has been using the poll feature for a while now, but this recently rolled over to Instagram, with additional features such as questions, emoji slider polls,mention stickers, hashtag stickers repost story features, that can all be done on Insta Stories for those who are particular about maintaining an Instagram feed/aesthetic. BuzzFeed news is a brand that uses this feature very well,using the voting poll buttons on its Insta Stories to quiz its readers and see if they can spot the difference between real news and #FakeNews.

These features would be a great way to also help your customers make decisions for you. Can’t decide whether to offer free shipping or 10% discount in your next promotion? Do a poll! Not sure on whether to write about the importance of self-care or your 5 favourite beauty hacks? Do a poll!Changing your logo and are stuck between two different designs? Do. A. Poll.

Engagement is the aim of the game. Followers and likes are cool, but users who engage in your content are more likely to convert to customers, than those who do not.

Are you speaking the right language?

Language is everything. When it comes to communication, how you say what you say matters as much as what you’re actually trying to say. Colloquialisms,slang, abbreviations, use of pop culture references are all tactics used by brands to help them relate to their audience. Missguided is a brand that uses language to build customer rapport exceptionally. It’s refers to its customers and ‘hun’ and ‘babe’ in its emails to position itself as a friend of the customer, creating a feeling that you’re part of an exclusive circle, that addresses you on personal terms.

In 2017 Missguided took this a step further by introducing a category in its clothing range on its website known as ‘jeans and a nice top’.This use of colloquialism invokes the feeling of ‘this is exactly what I need. you took the words out of my mouth’ which is what every brand needs from its consumers.

Knowing exactly who you’re talking to is the first step in finding out what you’re trying to say and why it’s important to them. Nowadays we process information through text, memes, gifs, emojis, symbols which all come together. Choosing the right combination is critical to how your message is received by your intended audience.

Are you trying too hard? Are you not trying hard enough?

We get it, you sell clothes/hair/makeup/bridal services. So what? Why does it matter? What does that mean to me? Why should I invest in your product/service or even social media page? What’s in it for me. Customers are called consumers for a reason. They consume. Content, products, services,promotions, advice, tutorials, if it’s good, they eat it up. That’s their job.It’s your job to feed them, and to do it well. Use your brand not only to sell what you have but to tell your customers how to feel about it, why investing in you is the greatest thing they’ll do this month, or even, like, ever. 

Don’t be like Boohoo…

In attempt to speak the same language as your audience, you need to remember to keep it authentic. Nobody likes a try-hard. Nobody likes a beg. I recently saw an Instagram post where they attempted to use slang in the caption but it was so unauthentic that it made me cringe.

It’s clear that  whatever social media assistants/managers do not relate or connect to the language they are trying to emulate.

Don’t be that brand. Keep it 100, or don’t do it at all.

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