Dear Frankie: How do I get More Readers on my blog?

There’s nothing worse than working hard on producing quality content, than for it to go to waste or not be seen by as many people as you could reach. I was recently asked by a lovely up and coming fashion blogger, how she could improve the traffic on her blog and get more viewers on her website. There is so much I can say on this topic, but I thought I’d start with a few simple tips, that I’ve used myself that have worked on creating traffic for my blog.

Stay Consistent

The whole consistency thing. Yes, of course, we’ve heard. But realistically, I work full time, study part part-time and I’m also trying to stay on top of managing my household. I’ll admit I have not been able to blog as often as I’d like to. What should I do then, punish myself? No. Lol. The top thing you can do to overcome this is to stay on people’s minds, even if you’re not pushing content. This means posting on your Instagram stories every day, posting on your feed, continuing to tweet as normal, so that people still feel a connection to you, not as though you only talk to them when you want to “sell” them something. Remember, everything you post needs to be in line with your brand. For example, I do little cute posts of my desk, with my breakfast on it, or sarcastic memes, or sometimes just pics with my mates. What I’m trying to do, is build up an image of myself that I want to portray to my audience. I wanna get my humour across, bits of my personality and style, so that they feel they know and understand me more. This will help them relate to my content better. Speaking of content. Stay consistent, but remember, quality is way more important than quantity. Stick to your 2 or 3 mosts a month if that’s your thing, but it’s better to not publish at all then publish half heartedly for the sake of meeting that number.

Choose your social media platforms wisely

Secondly, think carefully about the platforms you’re using to promote. For the longest time, I was using Instagram only to promote my blog. Which was ok, I guess, as that’s my largest platform, but when it comes to sharing third party content, Insta is not actually great. When you do post, make sure people know. Don’t be shy to promote your stuff and get over the feeling of being too much in people’s faces! With every blog post, do a story post, or even better a feed post, directing people to the blog. Instagram does not allow you to swipe up and read unless you have 10k+ which is annoying, but tell people to go to your bio and get others to repost your story too. That leads me to Twitter. It’s the easiest platform in my opinion to share articles, blog posts and other content as people can access the link easily and also share easily via likes and retweets. When composing a tweet of your work, tell people what you want them to do with it, ie read, retweet, vote, tell me what you think, etc. Also, make sure the tweet has an image with it, as this gets more engagement. Follow likeminded people and retweet their stuff too, it helps you get in well with the communities. A personal thing I did was delete all my tweets and start again, I don’t use my account for memes, trending topics or banter, just work related content, so people know me for my brand. If you’re on LinkedIn, try posting on there too. I recently did this (I only have 300 connections) and it did give me some extra traffic and somebody even reposted my post to their page! It’s all about reach basically, use the networks you have around you in the best way you can


Thirdly, collaborate, collaborate, collaborate. Writing is a dying skill, as more people are moving to vlogging, don’t be discouraged by the narrative that ‘millenials have short attention spans’. This is not true. We do still read things.

As much a bigger brands have budget and reach, try to also reach out to the smaller start-up brands and write reviews about their events and about their products. Then tag them when you promote the blog post. If they’re not total douchebags, they should at least respond or like your post, and if you’re lucky, they might repost, tag or mention you.

You can use this approach when approaching brands, leveraging coverage on your blog for free or discounted use of their products or services. So long as you have an engaged audience, they may be able to work with you. Having said that, if there’s a brand or product that you like just buy their stuff as you would anyway and create content around that.

Some Technical Advice

-Always add headings to your content if you can (don’t just make the text bigger, use actual heading feature)
-Sign up to Google analytics to track the activity on your website
-If you post 3rd party websites, make sure you select ‘open in new tab’, so people don’t go away from your site
-Post at peak times
-Promote across all platforms at once 
-Use the most popular hashtags in your field when posting on Instagram

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